Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Addition

Hi Everyone! Yep it's me. Sorry I have not been much of a blogger lately as I still am suffering Blog Block. I do want you to know that I visit all of you every week and you guys still rock with all that wonderful food you are preparing! Hopefully I will get back into the food groove again soon!

Meanwhile, we have had a busy storm season so far with Fay, Gustov and last week Ike. Needless to say, I just keep cleaning up. You would think after Fay and Gustov there would not be much else to come off of the trees, but not so. Ike did a number on my little side garden as he took my two big shade ficus trees down. So now my little shady retreat has turned into a sauna. Time for a "redo" of the side garden. I have also been spending quite a bit of time at the garden club I belong to as the storms have done a number there also.

Yes, another abandoned cat has found a new home. Guess where!!!
When they look through the door, as you can see below, I cannot resist!
So our new stray tenant is called Ollie and Ollie loves to EAT! We lost both of our cats, Fang and Hobo last year so Ollie is a very welcome new addition.

Hope all is well with everyone and I will be back soon!



Nora B. said...

Hi Deb,

Love these photos of Ollie, so very cute! I wouldn't have been able to turn it away as well. Ollie looks like the type of cats we get in Singapore - their short-hair suits the hot and humid weather. With all the yummy food you will be feeding it, I am sure that it's coat will get nice & glossy.

Sorry to hear about all the damage that the weather has had on your garden. I am glad that your house seems fine though.

As for the blog block, you know I went through a similar phase, and I don't think that I am quite back to my "old" blogging self. As the weather gets nicer, I just don't feel like spending too much time on the computer, but I do continue to take photos.

take care,

Anonymous said...

Deb, you know, the stangest thing was that I kept coming by in the hope that those hurricanes hadn't swept you away...and here you are today, just fine.

Ollie is so charming! Those eyes...lovely boy.

Block. It's always hard to break, but a small holiday away from the keyboard can do amazing things - not matter how long it takes!

Keep on painting, too. Perhaps you could post us some photos of your poor, savaged garden?

Lucy XX

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Welcome to Ollie...he has found a good home:D

Johanna GGG said...

I see that it would be hard to resist that little face in the window - and I bet he loves helping out in the garden (or at least directing as cats do best)

glad to hear you are doing well and have survived the storms - no wonder you don't have energy for blogging - but maybe the urge will return sometime

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Hey there Deb, good to know you are back! I love your new addition to the family! He's cute.

It sounds like you are very busy at the moment!

Jodi and Jeff said...

Hi Debby!
It's Jodi writing from Marin county, CA. Yes, the Jodi you know! I love the new addition to your family--he is soo cute! I guess the universe delivered you a new friend since you lost Fang and Hobo.
I was so impressed with your paintings. You have developed so many of your talents. Brava!
We wanted to tell you we started a blog too and would be delighted if you have a moment to check it out--of course it is all about food!
Glad to hear your virtual voice again....say hello to Mike!

Lori Lynn said...

Hi Deb - Sorry to hear about your trees. Glad you are OK.

Lucky Ollie!

Unknown said...

Oh boy! Congratulations! Ollie is really cute! I love his little face in the window. I am sure he is really happy that he found his home with you. May you have lots of great years with Ollie!

Shayne said...

oh he is such a cutie, I have to say that I am enjoying not haveing animles now but if I got that face at the front door her would be inside in a heartbeat. I do have a soft spot for cats.

Katie Zeller said...

What a cutie!
I think we're going to need a barn cat when we move. Only two problems... If it's a barn cat the dogs will go after it; If it's a house cat... Sigh.... It would be a housecat within minutes! I can't resist!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I really enjoy my time in Ohio. All the towns and cities I have been in, I have enjoyed a lot! I like Cincy, it is a good diverse city (with Skyline chili!). I like central OH, the heartland of America. I also like N. Ohio and the lovely Great Lake Erie. I always want to vacation in OH, but since Matt is from central Ohio, he always wants to vacation somewhere else.