Friday, April 25, 2008

Mapping Out The Route!

It has been an uneventful week in the cooking department, except for this beauty!

Mike over at Mike’s Table featured on a post last week the most handsome and succulent looking duck – I had to have one! But, instead of roasting ours, we pulled out the smoker and smoked this baby for about 4 hours. Need I tell you how it tasted!!!

Now the eventful part of this week has been planning a kayak trip for the weekend. It is the time of year that is perfect for kayaking as the water has warmed up and the daytime temps are staying comfortable so you do not feel like a duck being roasted out there in the full sunshine! The only thing we are watching is the wind. It is quite a challenge to try to paddle with 25 mph winds slapping you in the face. Great if your back is to the wind and you are only going one way, but the trips are out and back so you will be facing the wind at some point. Yes I know, don’t be a wimp, but I am. I go for the pleasure, not the exercise! So today I am keeping my fingers crossed that the winds lay down tomorrow so we can head out early. The weather is so great here this time of year that I find it hard to stay indoors!

Not only have I been studying my kayak book, but have directed my attention to the native trees and shrubs in the Florida Keys. I have a wee bit of space on our property so I plan to plant some natives. Also, since I am heavily involved with the Key West Garden Club, I am attempting to learn all about keeping the native foliage in our area!

So there you have it! I plan to be back in the kitchen again this week with cookbook in hand and, hopefully, a successful recipe and book review to share with you.
Have a great weekend and do not forget to have a nice glass of wine to start the end of your day!



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Have a wonderful time on your kayak trip Deb. I have often wanted to kayak in the Gulf Islands. I have imagined coming face to face with Shamu. There is a tour group that even does a gourmet kayak trip, wine and delcious food at every meal prepared for you:D

Anonymous said...

That frog does look pretty arrogant! haha. Have a fun weekend, Deb :)

Gloria Baker said...

Has a wonderful trip Debs, curious the wine arrogant!! but look nice!! Take care!!! Please show us pictures later!!!! xxGloria

PD In the post I comments you that you of course may use fresh pineapple is so nice!!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Deb, Thats a beautifully smoked duck you have there!Sounds like you'll be having a great time ahead of you! I hope you take some pictures on your kayak so we can see. :D

Johanna GGG said...

enjoy your adventures!

I am not a wine buff but I did try a white wine from that label last year and was not that impressed (although the label design is magnificent) - wondered what you thought?

Lucy said...

Deb, have a great time away. Your duck looks fantastic, by the way.

That wine looks rather fun...

Looking forward to your next review.

Peter M said...

OH MY's the frog from Pan's Labrynth! Watch it because he'll try to eat that succulent duck all on his own!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Deb, that smoked duck took on such a beautiful color, I am so jealous because that must have been awesome! I'm drooling over breakfast--my stomach doesn't know what to think now, lol. And thanks for the kind words--now I know the next way I need to make my duck! Hope you have a good trip :-)

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and that duck looks like a masterpiece.

What a snooty frog!

Katie Zeller said...

What a gorgeous duck!
If, I mean, when you do it again give me a bit of warning as it takes about 12 hourse for me to get there...
Hope you had a great time on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous trip, Deb. Let us know how it goes, it sounds very exciting.

And I LOVE duck - that picture has got me drooling...

Jennifer said...

Yummy looking duck!
Have a great kayak trip.

Nora B. said...

hi Deb,
Your smoked duck sure looks good. I would like to make a crispy skinned roast duck aka Peiking duck soon, had a good recipe but seem to have misplaced it.

Your kayak trip sounds like fun. Quikong bought a kayak last year since we live on the water but I think he's only been out on it once this year. My excuse is that it's too heavy for me to carry off the rack by the ramp. ;-)

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

xx nora

Wendy said...

Have a blast, Deb!

Unknown said...

That smoked duck looks wonderful! Did you start with a frozen duck, or a fresh one? What temp was your smoker? What did you do to prep the duck? Salt, pepper, other spices? I would love to try one, we have a smoker too.

Bon Voyage! How fun of you to go on this interesting kayak vacation! Do blog about it when you get back, I can't wait to read about it!

winedeb said...

Hey Valli, now that sounds like a great way to kayak!

Hi Maryann - yes he is!

Thanks Gloria! May try the pineapple!

Hi Marie, duck was fantastic!

Hey Johanna, it was not on the top of my chart either. Cool label though!

Thank you Lucy!

Hey Peter, kept those two pretty far apart!

Thanks for the inspiration! Had I not seen yours...

Hey Cathy, he is snooty!

Katie, I will if you promise to come!

Hi Jen, will do WHEN we get to go!

Thank you LouLou!

Hi Nora! Oh how cool that you live on the water! We were going to purchase our own kayaks also, but they are heavy and getting them on the top of the SUV is a challenge! Hope you find your recipe and have time to prepare soon!

Thanks Wendy!

How cool Lannae! Yes, our duck was frozen - wish we could get fresh! About 220-250 with just salt and pepper. Sooo easy!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

PS Deb I have also offered you the Arte y Pico award for being such a great read and true blogging friend over the past year

Lori Lynn said...

Oh that duck looks divine! What wine would you pair with your smoked duck? Syrah maybe?

We used to serve a smoked duck with lingonberry sauce at a restaurant I worked at years ago. Delicious.