Monday, January 7, 2008

Healthy Salad With A Crunch

As we are all trying to adhere to our "New Years Resolutions", especially if one of your resolutions like mine is trying to lose a bit of extra poundage, you may find this salad that we had the other night perfect. I don't know about you, but when I am trying to loose weight I need something crunchy and lively with a hint of vinegar to satisfy my taste buds. A nice healthy salad to fill you up, not out.

The ingredients are fairly simple. Watercress, daikon radish, cucumber, thinly sliced red onion and a dash of sprouts on top. The dressing was simple consisting of seasoned rice vinegar, with just a drop or so of olive oil. Crunchy heaven in your mouth!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I love the gourmet rice vinegars I find at our local grocers especially the basil and garlic Deb.

Aimée said...

Watercress is one of my favorite greens to toss up in a salad. No diet for me, though, at least not until this baby is born! 8 weeks to go!!

Wendy said...

I wasn't bothered about having gained a couple of holiday pounds as I knew I could run it off with some extra gym visits. My injury makes that impossible for now though. May be trying out this salad soon!

Anonymous said...

Just what I am craving these days. Fresh salads :)

Nora B. said...

Such a pretty salad, and the flavours sound refreshing. Salad days will surely come my way when I back in Sydney.

Lucy said...

Deb, happy 2008 my friend!

I have eaten more food than I care to remember over the last few weeks...January is 'detox' month for me. This pretty thing is just what I need, thank you!

Isn't daikon a fabulous vegetable?

Love to you and yours Deb. Hope 2008 is everything you deserve (and then some!). XX

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I'm after! Crispy, crunchy veggies and a sharp dressing are the order of the day, methinks :-)

Thistlemoon said...

yum, that sounds good. But the weather is too cool up here in the north of Florida for all the cool crunch of this salad, but I will keep this in mind for late July and serve it out on the terrace!

Looks really BEAUTIFUL too Deb.Nice presentation!

Shaun said...

Deb ~ I have a great fondness for watercress. When I'm especially lazy, I jus throw it into sandwiches, for its mild peppery kick. It is a great component of any salad, especially one that uses delicately proportioned ingredients (i.e. not big, leafy salads). I find it nice to throw on top of a salad, too, especially if one wants to push the point with a steak au poivre.

winedeb said...

Wow Valli, I will have to look those up, sound great!

Oh my gosh Aimee, only 8 weeks! The new little one will be here before you know it!

Oh Wendy, I do hope you feel better soon!

Yes Maryann, me too!

Hey Nora, I think you have your hands full of baking with your mom right now to think of salads! I can hardly keep with you two! So glad you are having such fun!

Hi Lucy! I am so glad you are home safe, sound, and happy from your vacation! Cannot wait to hear about your trip!

It hits the spot Jen!

Hi Jenn! Looking forward to hearing about your new digs!

You are so right Shaun! It is such a great "green"!