Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bears Lair Wine

I think I may have gotten this bottle of Bears Lair California Viognier at Trader Joe's. I guess I must be having a senior moment here as I usually remember, or try to take note, of where I purchase a wine and how much it cost. The cost is easy. I know it is under $10.00. If I purchase a wine over $12.00, I know I take note of it. The 2005 Bears Lair Wine is a Viognier from, the bottle says Napa, California, but in researching who bottled it they say the grapes are not necessarily from Napa. The only statement on the bottle was "Cellared & Bottled by Bears Lair Winery, Napa, California". I was disappointed with the information on this bottle as there was "zilch". I did find out that Bronco Wine Company in Ceres, California owns this brand plus 29 others. Charles Shaw being one of them. That is why I think I found this wine at Trader Joe's. Here is what I found out about Bronco Wine Company.

Bronco is one of the largest growers and suppliers of wine grapes in the world. All their vineyards are in the central valley. Despite the Napa or Sonoma indications on the label generally the wines are California appellation - meaning the grapes can come from anywhere in the state. Bronco can use the words Napa & Sonoma on their labels since they have opened wineries and bottling plants within the boundaries of both regions to process these wines. While not true Napa or Sonoma wines they are still producing good quality wines at very reasonable prices.

So much for that! The 2005 Bears Lair California Viognier, after popping the cork, had a nice floral aroma with a hint of fruit whiffing around, like mango. But it took me a few sips before this floral taste arrived on my palate. Most Viogniers really shout out the floral, but this one was a little subtle till I sipped it a few times. Then I could pull the floral and mango flavors out. A full bodied wine with the alcohol content being 12.5%. On the finish was a nice creamy feeling, but not a long lasting one.

Well it is 6 pm and time to start the end of my day with another refreshing white wine!



Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Sounds good!

Wendy said...

Have you seen the film "Sideways"? I've watched it 4 times now and every time I've wanted to go out and buy a bottle of Californian something.
Will, as always, look out for your recommedation.

winedeb said...

Holler & Wendy - this wine was good but not great. Don't rush out and pick this one up. If ever you need a special wine for a dish etc., just let me know and I will be glad to give you my thoughts. Yes, I have seen Sideways. Cool flick! Have you seen "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan? Another great wine related flick. I am a hugh Meg Ryan fan.
I have a nice French wine I will be posting about later on today. Thanks!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I like french kiss, I have a copy, but I haven't seen sideways. Is it worth a try?

winedeb said...

Yes! It's a great flick about my favorite subject, WINE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tipping me off that this is a Bronco wine. I can tell you that the 2006 vintage of this wine is retailing for $4 at TJ's so well under that $12 price point. Like it any better now?

If you are interested here is a list of my current favorite Trader Joe's Wines. Enjoy!


Nanette Merz said...

Hi Deb,
It's funny that my favorite vacation spot is Key West,
and that my wife&i enjoy Trader Joe wines.
We tried the Bears Lair Viognier&enjoyed it.
We also like the Bears Lair Cab.
Great site,thanks,Ray.