Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Glass Of Wine and In Key West

Linguine Primavera was on our menu the other night, adapted from the book I just reviewed “Pasta Verde”. I also mentioned that I served a great Sauvignon Blanc with our dinner. The 2004 Reynolds Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc flowed freely and paired so well with our pasta. Let me tell you about Reynolds Vineyards. They are located in the Southwest area of one of my favorite countries, Australia! The Reynolds Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the famed “Nanya” vineyard in the Murray Valley (Riverland) of South Australia just 150 miles Northeast of Adelaide. My blogging friends from Australia Nora, Lucy and Johanna, I am sure, know exactly where this area is located. Reynolds Sauvignon Blanc is a nice white wine made of 88% Sauvignon Blanc and 12% Chardonnay grapes. My taste buds were treated to a medium bodied wine overflowing with tropical fruit flavors. And to top it all off, my favorite “down under” hint of grassiness presented itself while I was swirling the wine around in my mouth. Oh too good! For the low price of under $12.00, a perfect way to start the end of your day!

Before I end for today, I thought I would share a little piece of Key West with you!

Most of them around town are painted in all sorts of lively colors!

And for those of you who are freezing your ass off in the north, come on down!


Nora B. said...

This wine sounds certainly sounds like something I would enjoy, I will have to look out for it. I wonder how much a bottle will cost in Australia. I am afraid that I am not that familiar with that area, but I am trying to educate myself more and more about Australian geography, especially where all the good wine growing regions are! ;-)

The fire hydrant pictures are cute, and the last one reminds me of Singapore, with the coconut trees. You are going to make so many people envious with that last shot!

x Nora

Peter M said...

Deb, how could you? It's -14C herein Toronto!

Payback this summer when I'm in Greece.

Anonymous said...

I would be one of those with a frozen butt!
It's so "artsy" down there.

Bellini Valli said...

It was a whopping 10 Celcius here today...Spring is on it's way...I just know it.......I have my spot all picked out on the beach :D

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Sounds like a good wine to me!

I love Key West--been down there several times. In answer to a question you asked me earlier this week: I'm up in Ocala (between Orlando and Gainesville, if that helps). I imagine the weather's a bit warmer by you right about now...

noble pig said...

Thanks for the pics that made me smile and the wine suggestion!

Shayne said...

You know it ass frozen here in Michigan and I don't think it is going to defrost for at least another 4 week, if it just didn't swell so much in the cold.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That photo looks beautiful Deb! It is COLD up here though in St. Augustine this week! Last weekend we were at the beach! GO figure! :)

winedeb said...

Hi Nora, I wished we could have spent more time on our visit to your country seeking out all the great wines.

Yes Peter, I will be jealous when that times comes!

Yes it is artsy Maryann and that is one thing I love about KW!

Valli, I know you guys are still in the deep chill, but Sat. is March 1st - spring not far away!

Hi Mike, well it has not been very warm the past two days as you know!

Thank you nobel pig and thanks for stopping by!

Hang in there Shayne, Sat. is March 1st!

Hey Jenn, know what ya mean. Past 2 days have been snow days for me!
Burr, even for us!

Aimée said...

Soon, very soon, I will be lifting a glass of chilled white wine to toast our new baby. I'll think of you, too!

Johanna said...

love your pics - esp the cute little fire hydrants.

I can't say I know the riverland area but I vaguely know where it is - South Australia has long been a fine winegrowing district - which is probably why some of my friends from there love a drop :-) But it seems these days you can't go far without running across a winemaking region!

katiez said...

I left my frozen ass in Minnesota...
Do you think there are the makings of a song there?
I miss the beach. Maybe we'll take the girl-dogs for a beach walk... as soon as I'm all caught up hehehe!