Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wine, Limes And Home With My Gnomes

As I was telling you all the other day, it is good to be back home and you notice things that you usually do not give a second glance to when you are around them all the time. So it is with my TINY yard here in Key West. I was out yesterday looking at some of my foliage and seeing what needed a drink since it has been so hot here with not much rain lately when I came up to my lime tree. I had caught a faint aroma of blossoms in the air while I was checking out the plants and low and behold my line tree is full of blossoms and had one lime ready for picking! There is nothing like the smell of blossoms from a fruit tree. We have sour orange trees on our property also and in the spring it is such a treat when they are in bloom. The aromas are heavenly and the blossoms are so delicate!

Speaking of limes brings me to my next subject, the wine that was definitely a summer sipper yesterday afternoon.

I popped the cork on a well chilled bottle of Pavao Vinho Verde from Portugal. The Vinho Verde grape makes a wonderful wine for summer as it is low in alcohol, 11%, and has an effervescence that sparkles on your tongue. On the palate is a refreshing, crisp lime flavor with a hint of peach. I have reviewed a few other Vinho Verde's this summer and have enjoyed them for sipping because they are a fun wine with those tiny bubbles that dance in your glass and perfect for summer. Also they are inexpensive, under $10.00.

Strolling around my garden with my glass of Pavao, I came across my favorite guy in my garden. His name is Jake and he is a gnome that has been with me for years! I have many photos of Jake and, when I was taking photography classes, I showcased him and a few other gnomes I have as my project. It was a wonderful project and many of my gnome photos are still hanging in my house keeping me company, just like my lovely ladies that I shared with you the other day. A couple of years ago while I was preparing the house for a hurricane that was coming upon us, I moved plants, lawn furniture, etc. into the house for safe keeping. Anyhow, after the hurricane we were cleaning up all the foliage that gets ripped off the trees and I noticed that I could not find Jake. I was in a thither! Jake, Jake, where are you? I never could find him. I figured he fell off of his pot and was swept away during clean up. Well, about 6 months ago I was cleaning out a closet downstairs here and who did I find under a suitcase? JAKE!!! I was so excited that he was still home! How he got there was a mystery to me. So I just assume he wanted to get out of the storm and headed into the house himself! Smart guy my Jake is!!!



Valli said...

I love Jake the garden gnome. I wish I wewre there sipping a glass of wine in your garden in Florida. Here it is 22C which if it were Spring we wouild be relishing in the warmth.

Holler said...

Smart Gnome!
When you said the wine was a sipper, did you mean it was slightly tart?

Holler said...

P.S. I love your new Banner! That water is twinkling in the sun!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I love the garden gnome! Very cute!

winedeb said...

Valli - It is HOT down here right now. Low at night is 86 degrees. Wish I could ship ya some heat!

Holler - I am glad you like my new banner. I have been trying a few out and so far I like this one. This is taken at a state park beach right here in town. I love to go there during an afternoon with a book and some good tunes on my ipod and just chill out. When I mention that a wine is a good sipper, I mean that it is great just all by itself. You know, one of those great wines that you take out into your garden with a good book! Sip your wine, read your book and relax. It was a great inexpensive wine for that. I think it ran about $7.00.
Jenn - He is a sweetie! Thanks!

Wendy said...

Really should drink more green wines. Love how light they are.
What a classy gnome too! My one is a bit garish!

Lucy said...

Excuse me, but is that a fabulous new header I see?

Lovely. Now I get a real taste of your paradisical home!

winedeb said...

Wendy - you bet, those wines are great for summer and sipping while you are picking those nice plums!

Thanks Lucy! I like to share my world with all of you blogger friends!

Belinda said...

How lucky you are to have your very own lime tree, its just beautiful...and Jake, well he is very cute, and makes quite the garden statement, peeking out from the rosemary! :-)

winedeb said...

Hey Belinda - my lime tree is a beauty and smells so good!!!